Contract Litigation

Both written and oral contract litigation, including filing suit and defending suits.  Typically, the litigation involves real property.

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What is Contract Litigation?

Litigation respecting parties’ expectations, rights and obligations arising out of agreements is one of the cornerstones of commercial litigation. Contract disputes arise in an infinite number of contexts. Issues that frequently arise include international disputes regarding quality of goods ordered and timeliness of delivery, performance under license agreements, the interpretation of agreements regarding provision of complex services in, for example, the healthcare industry or regulated industries, and performance of agreements to construct commercial buildings or transportation equipment or systems. Virtually every lawyer in the Complex Commercial Litigation practice group has extensive experience in the litigation and resolution of contract disputes.

Our experienced lawyers regularly represent clients in court litigation and arbitration over disputed contract and other commercial matters. We have handled large breach-of-contract cases for real estate industry clients, cases invoking force majeure and gross inequities provisions of contracts and cases involving the proper construction of provisions dealing with escalation of prices and adjustments for increases in the price of materials and other costs.

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